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Meno Alumni Digital Books
Recollecting, Reconnecting, Networking and Engagement
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Our service
  • enables alumni to contribute a legacy profile about their time at and since college.
  • be part of a unique publication focused on their college cohort
  • allows them to view and reach out and connect with classmates
  • provides a link to engage with the college and to be part of future developments
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Producing an alumni recollection book or reunion book with Meno is easy and will provide a lasting legacy.



Networking and Engagement

An Alumni book or Reunion book project is a terrific way to find and reconnect with old friends and fellow alumni. Sharing fond school memories, life stories, work histories, family updates, passions, and interests allow the alumni to connect on a real and personal level. The result of a well run Meno program is a more enjoyable & productive reunion as well as improved personal and professional relationships....

Ease of Use

The Meno platform has been designed to accommodate everyone from computer novice to expert. Also, we are available anytime for assistance, questions or comments.

Quality & Cost

Our experienced team of designers and editors can produce beautiful & professional reunion books and yearbooks far less expensively than a school or alumni group could do itself. Please contact us for pricing details.

Reconnect with the School

Provides a link to engage with the school and to be part of future developments.

  • Yale
  • Upenn
  • MIT
  • Amherst
  • Wellesley
  • Emmanuel College
  • Magdalene College
  • Birmingham University
  • Emmanuel College: celebrating 40 years of women at Emmanuel
  • Magdalene College: a printed yearbook for the graduating class
  • Birmingham University: a university wide digital graduation book across departments with over 5000 entries


And many many more delighted clients and alumni.


Meno Alumni Digital Books

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